LILC843 - Artist, Writer, and Producer

LILC was born on January 26, 1996 in Charleston, SC. He had a love for music from the time he could move to the beat as a fetus in his mother's womb. LILC would roll from one side of his mother’s belly to the other side when the beat would hit in his daddy's 1987 Ford Tempo, which was the hardest hitting car in Charleston.

LILC grew up in a family that loves music. As a child, he began to write songs at the age of 9 while sitting in the studio with The Verbal Assassinz listening, learning and mastering his craft. As he grew and made his way through school he took a liken to several instruments, which included the drums, electric guitar, keyboards, and the acoustic guitar. On his journey through middle school, high school and college he was a member of the marching band, jazz band, orchestra band, and the Charleston Southern University Drum Line.

LILC has written, produced, and featured on songs with several local artists. He loves the stage and looks to perform at the drop of a beat. LILC is inspired by artists such as, Tupac, Biggie, KRS-One, Kendrick Lamar, UGK, Geto Boys, MC Lyte, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and many others who have paved the way with their  greatness.