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LilC843 Is Creating His Buzz And Dropping Some Note worthy Music In The Process

   LilC843 has been releasing tracks and building his respect in the underground HipHop circuits.  His Soundcloud page has many releases showing LilC843's consistency in creating art. Each song released differs from the last but all hold an equivalent to each other in dope-ness and energy. LilC843 delivers an energetic performance with each song. You can literally feel the hunger of want for success in this mans voice. And the music only adds to the ambience of entertainment. With over 1 million combined streams, LilC843 is starting to catch the attention of those behind the corporate doors of the industry. And after just one listen, you will see why. Check out a few of LilC843's joints out today.



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LilC843's Social Media

SoundCloud -- https://soundcloud.com/lilc843 Instagram -- https://www.instagram.com/thehiphopvulture/ Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/LILC-1832176300425948/notifications/ Twitter -- https://twitter.com/LILC84300